The Hole!

Sand; where it belongs.

The weather has been very warm for early February.  The daffodils on the south facing slope are coming up.  Not a good thing.  No matter what the weather, our thoughts are definitely turning to spring and getting to ride more.  We ordered sand for the upper arena quite some time ago.  They finally were able to come last Friday.  The ground was nice and frozen in the morning but things warmed up quickly.  The big ol’ truck was guided into the arena along the south facing slope.  The thinking was that the slope had dried out.  Life lesson number 3,731 or so.  The truck just sunk, not slowly, just all at once.  So, the sand was emptied right there.  There was no other choice.  Big blue pulled him out.  The next load went through the packed barn lot.  Much better results.  The poor driver was definitely gun shy by then.  He only brought 2 of the 4 loads ordered.  Gary spent the next several hours moving sand from the hill to the arena and spreading the two delivered loads.  We now have half of an arena in terrific shape.  The weather was so amazing on Saturday we put that half to good use.  No telling when the other two loads will show.

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