Horse Camps 2023

Last Summer for Horse Camps

Gary and I and DD and Beth and many many more people have helped us to offer Horse Camps for over 20 years.  We thank the many, many people who have blessed us with their attendance and support.  There have been so many wonderful people who we have met and enjoyed.  So many groups ever since my friend Beth M. talked me into doing a horse camp for her daughter and her daughter’s friend.  That was 1999.  I told her I didn’t know how to do horse camps.  She said yes I did, that I had been teaching people how to ride for years.  ( I did teach how to ride but I quickly found out I was teaching incorrectly,  I’ve learned a lot since then and hopefully taught more correctly than incorrectly)  The rest is history.

We will continue to give lessons and an occasional group get together.  Here’s to a successful 2023.

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