Ahhh: Warm!!!

For the first time in over a week I’m not putting on my down booties.  Warm weather is on the way.  Perhaps a little too warm for late January but I’ll take it.  Last week got old with the cold!!  It was such a delight as the week went on to reduce the no. of layers I was wearing.  I started out with six on my torso early in the week and this morning I was down to three and started to sweat.  Woo Hoo!!

Thursday afternoon was the light at the end of the tunnel.  When Marina got home we did a quick little bareback trail ride at sunset.  It was lovely.  The body heat of the horses kept us warm.  As soon as we got off we got the shivers.  When the sun goes down, cold temperatures come ’round.

Friday was really looking promising in the morning.  Some kids came over around one to trail ride.  Now these are country kids and I really expected them to come prepared to be out in the cold.  KIDS!  All they had on was little sweat shirts, one pair of pants and sock caps!  I’m here to tell you, when you’re sitting on a horse for any length of time when the temperature is around 28 F, you get cold.  The morning was nice but the afternoon things were changing.  First of all the wind picked up; always a bad sign.  The kids decided to ride bareback.  Good decision.  It didn’t matter though.  When we came to a split in the trail and had to make a decision to go on or go home to warm up, they all said warm up.  I loaded them up with hot cocoa and off we went again.  This time I made them wear a coat.  I had no arguments.  Good thing too as the clouds came in and the wind was stronger than ever.  After the ride, no one hung around to play with horses.  I must say though that inspite of the cold, it was a nice ride and the kids have stories to tell and maybe even learned something.  I can always hope.

Marina and I did another ride on Saturday.  The weather was much improved and the ground was still solid enough to be safe to ride.  We even used saddles!!  We weren’t home today and it was lovely in deed.  However, Gary said it was really sloppy and slippery.  Warm weather has its pluses and minuses.


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