Enjoying Winter

Val and Pip

Gerardo and Mac
Whiskey making the most of the sunshine

Thursday, February3, was a fabulous day to be outside.  It was cold, in the 20’s, but no wind and lots of sunshine.  Horses breath a sigh of relief in this weather.  See Whiskey.  Gerardo and I took advantage of the weather also.  We did a bareback ride for over an hour.  Breathtaking. 

Christmas Eve Snow

Gerardo's first real snowball fight.


Watch out, Gary and Gerardo.
Is he catching one or throwing?

It was a beautiful day as we pelted each other with snowballs and rejoiced in the hope of the season.  Hope yours was as 

blessed as ours. 


Autumn Color

View from the road
Lots of dry weather but beautiful


Fall was beautiful.

Horse Show Season

Prairie School Road Farm riders do well at Jefferson County Trailriders in Grubville.

St. Clair Saddle Club Winnings
Elle and PSR Miss Prairie (Trixie) took it all for the pee wees at Jefferson County Trailriders in Grubville

Prairie School Road Riders had a great show season.  Most of our time was spent at Jefferson County Trail Riders shows in Grubville and at St. Clair Saddle Club. 

Riders Included:  Clayton Long, Skylar Holden, Elle Holden, Savannah Fletcher, Sarah Marsh, Kaite Staff, Abigail Branum, Emily Schmidt, Shannon English, Lauren English and Rachel Epplin

Horse Camp Season Successful

First camp/3 days
Last Camp/Fireflys. Notice we are using all Morgans!

It was a Hot, Hot, Hot and Humid, Humid, Humid Summer.  No news there.  We all survived it.  No severe injuries to man or beast we are happy to report.  Lots of Stories to tell.  Just ask anyone who was here especially Dee, Dee and Beth.  They  remember everything.   This post is by admin not Martha Reed.  Flaw in the program.

Winter Ride

Pip, ready for anything


Had a great ride.  The weather was perfect.   Cold, so footing was good.  Blue sky, sunny, NO WIND.

Weather Today

It is February 28 and the weather is finally getting decent.  Although it is very breezy.  Makes 40 seem like 30.  We went on a trail ride yesterday and I actually got a couple of lessons in.  Can spring really be coming?

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