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Schedule 2014

2014 Schedule Now Posted on Horse Camp Schedule page.

Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013 Update.

Horse Camps were great this year.  The weather didn’t turn hot and dry until after August 10.  Our current exchange daughter, Luisa Steinmeier arrived August 6.  She is a terrific young woman and a wonderful asset to Gary and I and the farm.  She has taken on PSR Cassiopeia’s Glory (Cassie) as her own.  They make quite  a team.

Most immediately after her arrival we had the Show Me Morgan Horse Club’s Trail Obstacle Practice Day.  The event was on August 24th.  Gary worked incessantly on preparations and the place looked outstanding.  There were about 25 horses participating.  It was hot and horseflys aplenty.  Inspite of the hinderances a good time was had by all.

Hot, dusty, buggy but FUN.

Our next BIG EVENT was unplanned.  The cattle came down with “Pink Eye”.  This is a nasty disease that can cause an animal to go blind.  We had to inoculate the entire herd with antibiotics and vaccine.  Luisa was home and was a great help.  It was all exhausting.  The good news was that no more livestock came down with the nasty stuff.  Two days prior to the work, one of the heifers had her calf.  The calf was really small.  That was a good thing since it was the heifer’s first.  (That is the definition of heifer; a cow who has never had a calf.)  Luisa held the little thing (Chi Chi) in her arms for the injections.

Luisa and Chi Chi.









Most of the fall was spent preparing for Morgan Horse Grand Nationals and World Championships.  May Flower was at Crescent Ridge Ranch with our trainer, Jessica Weger, putting her through her paces.  Val went to ride and get her training at least once a week and sometimes more.   All of the hard worked paid off.  We had great results in Oklahoma City.  May Flower and Val won the Rookie Non-Pro class and Green Horse year 2.  They placed 3rd in the Non pro World Championships and fifth in the Freestyle.

May Flower and Val dressed up for Crocodile Rock with our award.

Jessica, Val, May Flower and Gary with most of our "loot".


Our beloved Gates passed away on June 18.  He was 31 and in the last 10 years he taught many people how to ride.  I will have lots more stories about Gates soon in our “Every horse has a story” section.  Please feel free to contribute your own stories of Gates when I get a story up.  Thank you to all of the lovely thoughts of condolence we have received.

Horse Camp Spots Still Available

We still have a few horse camp spots available for summer 2013.  We have a very high camper to instructor ratio:  Never less than 3 to 1, sometimes 1 to 1.  We boast that our campers are with horses the entire camp time.  Fringe benefits you won’t find anywhere else.  Come for a visit.

New Aerial Map






New Aerial Photo of the farm in Early March

New Aerial View

Notice Val is on a horse in the small arena.  Whiskey and Gates are in the foreground and Pip is to the left of the road.  I remember the plane flying over and waving at them.






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2013 Schedule

Our 2013 schedule is now available on this website.  Registration and Liability forms are also available.  Both of these forms must be provided to be registered for the camp.

December 8, 2012

Phew, Gary and I just finished hauling bad hay from a friend’s place to our place.  Someone sold our friend hay for her horses that was wet and turned moldy.  This kind of hay can make horses sick or even kill them.  It does not harm cows.  The bales were extremely heavy since they hay was wet when baled.  It was also dusty and full of cuckleburs and other assorted weeds etc.  Yuk!  Not pleasant to handle.  We got the equivalent of about 40 bales.  Much of it was loose and just thrown in the back of the truck.  We dropped off the trailer and hauled the loose stuff out to the cows.  They ate it as if it were ambrosia.  Glad they like it!!


Gary with his loads

Long time no posts.  Highlight of the fall is Val going to Morgan Horse Grand Nationals and World Championships in Oklahoma City.  Val showed May Flower in four reining classes.  It was a rough and exhilarating week.  The down side of the whole thing is that we spent a lot of money and now things are strapped.  So, Gary, in an effort to improve the cash flow spent several days cutting down large cedar trees.  He trimmed off all of the branches and cut them into four foot lengths.  You can see the trailer is loaded and they are ready to go.  Of course it doesn’t show how the trailer was broken down for 24 hours and the three trips to town to buy bolts etc. to fix the thing.  He finally had to break down and buy a new jack.  Fuel costs to travel to the processor, near Jeff City, was $38.00.  Due to his hard work, he got full value.  He made $160.00 for his 1.5 cords of Cedar logs.  He figures he made $6.00 an hour.  Lots of hard work for Gerbil Bedding!!