Minutes from the 1/7/12 meeting.
> Start: 1:08pm
> In attendance: Red (Angela Truesdale, Willow Watt, Rachel Epplin, Sarah
> Reed, Shannon english, Val, Gabi Lindsey and Anna Ehlen
> Talked about horses/what we did last year in Morgan Horse Club.
> Election of Officers:
> President- Gabi:  Rachel made a motion and Sarah second.
> Vice President- Rachel: Gabi made a motion and Anna second.
> News Reporter-Anna.  Shannon made a motion and Gabi second.
> Secretary- Red.  Anna made a motion and Gabi second.
> Treasurer-Sarah.  Gabi made a motion and Anna second.
> Shannon and Val are members.
> Red made a motion to go to Rolex and Rachel second it.
> Don’t forget to send in membership application for 2012.
> Talked about activities; UMV, MEC, Clinics/decided on Dressage, Jumping
> and ?, Parade, etc.
Tack Sale
> Dog house. $1 a chance or 6 for $5. Drawing held March 2012. Members were
> given 10 -20 tickets each to sell. If they need more they can contact Val.
> We will need to sell as many tickets as possible to raise money for the
> Kentucky Horse Park.
> We will be selling magazines on line.
> Adjournment: 2:06pm



Minutes from the Meeting of sat. February 25 2011

Attendance: Gabi Lindsey, Kaite Staff, Sarah Reed, Sarah Marsh, Abby Branum, Shannon English, Rachel Epplin, Mackenzie Green, and Anna Ehlen.

We made $237 at MEC, but we only have $217 in the account.  Val was reimbursed $30.00

We discussed the minutes from the previous meeting.


We made $237 with our kid booth. Red got seventh at MEC in the judging, so we congratulate her for that.

Reining Clinic:

We learned how to spin in a circle, how to position our legs and hads on the horse. We also learned how to do a roll back. We all got a group picture at the end of the day. We all had a blast!


We are talking about doing a Poker Ride. You will pay the fee up front then you will get a card when you pay. (card as in an ace of hearts). There will be three stations on the trails where you will get three more cards. Then at the end everybody will come together and see who has the best hand of cards and they will win a prize. We will also have foood at the end of the trails. We will need 5 people to man the stations. We will need people to advertise for this event. We may also be doing a Bake Sale at the Clearview Feed store. We also talked about a Tack Sale. We may do that at the Lonedell School gym. If we have a Tack Sale the day of the bake sale we will cancel the Bake sale, because the Tack Sale will bring more money. Katie motioned the Poker Ride and Abby seconded it. Abby made the motiion to the Bake Sale and Katie seconded it. The Poker Ride will be with the adult group. Sarah M. is writing an article for the local newspapers for advertising and Katie is making flyers for advertising also. Sarah M. will send the article to Val and Val will send it to everybody so they can give it to their local newspapers.  Kaite will send her flyer to Val and Val will send it on. 

Up Coming Events:

March 5 there is a First Aid For your Horse seminar at 1:00pm with Dr. Hinson. We may reschedule that because some people who want to come can’t. Gabi made the motion to reschedule it and Sarah M. seconded it.  Passed.


Sarah M. will make a page for MEC. Abby B. will make a page for the Reining Clinic and Shannon E. will make a page for the Saddle Seat Clinic.

JANUARY 15, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 1:13 pm. In attendance were: Shannon, Katie, Ellie, Gabby, Willow, Red, Christina, Mackenzie, Rachel, Sam (?), Abby, and Anna

 The minutes from the December 3 meeting were read. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Abby and seconded by Rachel. Approved.

 Treasurer’s report. Same as last time

 Old business. MEC is next Saturday. Saturday morning is judging – it costs $5. We will have a kid’s table where we would sell crafts for kids to make. Pencils will sell for $2, door             knockers for $10. There is an Ultimate Cowboy Challenge in the evening if you want to      watch. MEC is at Boone Co. Fairgrounds.

Nancy Allen is doing a Saddleseat clinic at her barn  (Equilink) on February 26 at 10:00.

There will be a reining lesson/clinic at Equilink on February 13 or 20.

We will visit MERS on a Saturday in March to give them their money from the ride-a-thon and watch a practice.

We need a date for the presentation by Dr. Hinson with the Franklin Co. 4H group.

Lewis and Clark is May 21-22 with the parade on Saturday.

Fundraising ideas: MEC – basket, bake sale, scarves and crafts. Maybe do a hoedown/horse show with food at Jefferson County Trailriders on September 24.  Gabby made a motion for this, Abby seconded, approved.

 New Business. Election of officers: Shannon – President, Abby – Vice-President, Gabby – Secretary, Christina – Treasurer, Anna – Reporter. Abby made a motion to approve these officers, Katie seconded, approved.

 ? made a motion to adjourn the meeting, ? seconded, approved.

 DECEMBER 4, 2010

 The meeting was called to order at 1:08 pm. In attendance were: Shannon, Rachel, Anna, Katie, Savannah, and two guests.

 The minutes from the September 12 meeting were read. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Rachel and seconded by Savannah. Approved.

 Treasurer’s report. The ride-a-thon went well. 25% ($113) of the proceeds will go to MERS.  The club received $50 for placing 4th at Grand Nationals. Val sold the old magazines for $50. With this amount, there is $59 in the treasury.  Anna made a motion to sell the magazines, Katie seconded, approved.

 Old business. The group that went to the Grand Nationals judged 4 classes and got 7th place. They got to meet Dale Chavez and ride a reining horse.  A group went to watch Team Morgan at Stephens College (they won gold) and got a tour of the college. People need to continue working on badges.

 New business. MEC is January 21-23. Saturday morning is judging and on Saturday we will have a kid’s corner where we would sell crafts for kids to make. We will need the following items: glitter glue, plastic rhinestones, ribbon, beads, horseshoes, wood horses. We will need to get there at 8:30.

We may do a workshop with Dr. Hinson with a 4-H group. Abby made a motion to do this, Rachel seconded, approved.

We need to give MERS their money from the ride-a-thon. We could watch a practice in January or February and present it then.

At the Grand Nationals, the scrapbook got 4 out of 5 and the educational display board got 1st.

We need to work on the scrapbook throughout the year. Each person needs to do a page with a

profile about themselves.

At least 4 new members are expected to join.

Nancy Allen is willing to do a saddleseat clinic at her barn. Anna made a motion to go, Abby

seconded it, approved.

We may try to have a reining lesson/clinic.

Lewis and Clark is May 21-22 with the parade on Saturday.

Camp Quality is the first Wednesday in June.

Show Me Morgans has set up a $200 scholarship; it will be awarded during Lewis and Clark.

The criteria for the scholarship was passed out.

Fundraising ideas: computer, showing of Justin Morgan Had a Horse, basket for Halloween

and/or MEC, woodwork/metalwork, possibly a tack sale

We will have a basket at MEC; each member is to go to a tack store and ask for donation of a

horse item. Abby made a motion for this, Savannah seconded, approved.

 Abby made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Savannah seconded, approved.


             The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by President, Shannon English on September 12.  Those in attendance were, Rachel Epplin, Shannon English, Savannah Fletcher, Kaite Staff.

The Ride-a-Thon on Sept 26 was discussed.  Flyers for collecting pledges were passed out.  Katie made a motion to give 25% of our proceeds to MERS (Missouri Emergency Response Service)  They rescue large animals from bad situations.  Savannah seconded it.  All were in favor.  It was also motioned by Rachel (?) to allow non-members to participate in the Ride-a-Thon if they could collect $20.00 in pledges.  People who Val does not know may have to use their own horse. 

            Upcoming events were discussed:  Judging at Nationals, Oct. 9-16 and going to FEI weekend of Oct.9,10th.  It was unanimous to go to the Judging.  Katie, Abby and Elle all said they would go.  Savannah is going to ask.   Rachel cannot go and Shannon is probably not able to attend.  Anna was doubtful when asked.  We are going to do a new member push.  A training session for judging will be arranged.  We discussed going to WEG and decided we would put this on hold to see how much money we make at the Ride-A-Thon.

            AMHA youth events were discussed:  Club of the Year contest and Youth Achievement Award.  To do well at Club of the Year we need to put together a “yearbook”.  This is like a scrapbook.  Rachel’s Mother, Fran, indicated that she did scrap-booking.  We discussed meeting on Oct1 and 2 to work on the scrapbook.  Katie motioned to enter this contest and Rachel seconded it.  All were in favor.  Shannon might do a powerpoint.  Events that we have done this year include:  Trip to Longmeadow, Two members getting horsemastership badges, Tack sale, Vaulting lesson,  Saddleseat demo and training by Anna, Camp Quality, trailrides. There is an Educational Display contest as part of Club of the Year.  Val mentioned that Anna could do a good job of putting together a display about riding Saddle Seat.  Val will ask Anna about this.  We do not qualify for the Blue Ribbon Club Award. 

            Shannon asked if the Show-Me-Morgan Horse Club ever gave scholarships.  Val said she would inquire.  Shannon is going to look into AMHI scholarship.  Katie motioned to adjourn meeting and Savannah seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 2:14. 

Minutes by Rachel Epplin as sub for secretary, Anna Ehlen. 


Show-Me Morgan Youth Group

Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2010

 Meeting started at 12:48pm

 Members Present:  Anna, Shannon, Elle, Rachel, Savannah, Katie

 Old Business:

             Raffle    -  computer

                          -  Elle made a motion to have raffle tickets for new price

                         -  Rachel seconded it

                         -  raffle donation – 1 ticket for $2, 6 for $10 – ask for donations

             FEI Games – group could possibly pay for a portion of it

             Nationals – judging still a possibility if interested

 New Business:

             Vaulting lesson -     $35/person, 2 hours, March 27

-         Anna made a motion to charge non-members who want to come

-         Rachel seconded it

             Tack Sale -      April 24 – sell concessions, possibly grill, bring baked goods and drinks

             Show-Me Morgan meeting – April 25

             Open House at PSR – April 18

             Tour at Renee Page farm – May 23 at 1 pm

 Rachel made a motion to en the meeting

Elle seconded it

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