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Members judging at MEC Celebration

Show Me Morgan Youth members who participated at Missouri Equine Council Celebration










Show Me Morgan Horse Club Youth is affiliated with the Show Me Morgan Horse Club.  The youth group is very active and open to young folks 9 through 21.  No horse ownership is needed.  The Morgan Horse breed is the focus of the horse but the goal of the group is to learn about horses, riding and as much as possible about the equine world.   The group has gone to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky and the Morgan Horse Grand National/World Championships in Oklahoma City, OK.  The group participates in clinics and seminars and competitions.  They have competed at the Morgan Grand Nationals two years in judging and one year in the Club of the Year competition.  To accomplish these activities with little or no cost to members we do must conduct fundraisers throughout the year.  The group also participates in Morgan Horse promotional activities such as parades and drill exhibitions.  We are also proud to be involved in service projects for local organizations.     

                        Missouri Equine Council Celebration Days
 Show Me Morgan Youth members participated at the Misouri Equine Celebration Days January 21, 22 and 23.  Four brave members and their families braved the cold and snow to participate in the judging workshop and to assist in a Kid’s Corner fundraising booth.     The members assisted young horse enthusiast to decorate horse shoes, make horse puppets and make horsey Morgan Horse pencils.   The movie “Justin Morgan had a Horse” was also available to view.  The day was very successful.  Members learned more about judging and had a chance to ride “Jazz”.  “Jazz” is a model horse that requires the same motion for cantering a real horse.  “Jazz” was a great help in perfecting how to sit a canter.  The day also prooved to be financially lucrative with a profit of about $200.00.   The club appreciated the assistance of these members and their families.  Fortunately, Saturday was the best travelling day of the three.

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