Great Day!

It was a beautiful day although it started out rather cloudy.  Most every morning we bring the horses into the dry lot next to the barn lot.   Morgans are extremely “easy keepers”.  This means that they can live off very little food; rocks and air for many of them.  So most of our Morgans are overweight even now in the dead of winter.  They don’t need to eat 24/7 and the pastures don’t need them eating all that time.  In the late afternoon we herd them back to the pastures to graze all night.

This morning I was entertained by May Flower and Oreo.  Oreo is our Australian Shepard.  He is going on two and does a fairly good job helping us to herd the livestock.  He stares at them and then will leap up sometimes at them and sometimes just a leap.  He decided May Flower needed to move.  May Flower decided it was time for a staring contest.  Her head was bent to the left with her eyes focused directly on Oreo’s eyes.  All of a sudden May Flower popped straight up into the air and kicked out.  (In a dressage class she might have gotten a 10 for that move.)  Oreo jumped and twisted to his right easily escaping May Flower’s exuberance.  It is never boring! 

Oreo doing his morning chore.

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