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Forever Young Mothers and Daughters

What an amazing life I lead!  No, we didn’t win the lottery or build an indoor arena.  But, I get to live on a beautiful piece of God’s creation with an amazing husband and lots of wonderful animals.  Probably sounds like a nightmare to many but I love it.  Through this blog, it is my intention and hope that I will be able to share my good fortune with folks.  I hope to do  more frequent posts about all of the fun and exciting things that happen regularly here at Prairie School Road Farm.

The pictures above are from November 14.  We sponsored a Mother/Daughter Equine Retreat Day.  It was a blast!  It never ceases to amaze me how through experiences with the horses folks gain insight into their own personas.  One of the women commented how working with the horse taught her about how she responds to people.  Very insightful lady to take a horse moment and apply it to her life.

January 1 was a beautiful day; sunny, cold and crisp.  It was Sugar’s last day.  She followed us out to bring the horses in and did not come back.  We found her passed away in the middle of a field in the sunshine.  We are sad but she had been plagued with a heart condition for over 18 months.  Most recently, we could tell she was more and more uncomfortable.  She left us doing what she loved most, following us, especially Gary, around the farm.

Today was our first day feeding horses hay in the paddock.  The wind is fierce tonight and the temperature is going to be steadily dropping.  We decided to give them some hay even though they have lots of grass in that paddock.  It has been a pretty warm winter so far, grass has been growing off and on through out the season.  The livestock likes that.  But when it gets cold with wind, they also appreciate a boost.   Marina, our Spanish exchange daughter, and I were riding on the hay trailer.  We could look down the bluff through the woods into the horses’ dry lot.  There they were eagerly awaiting release to a night of food.  That is except for “Crook”.  He is the class clown.  He had a huge feed pan that had four horizontal legs extending outward from it in his mouth shaking it up and down.  That pan is advertised as unbreakable and that horses will not be able to turn it over or pick it up.  Those folks never met “Crook”.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.





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