Bovine Challenges

This fall has been full of Bovine (Cow) related challenges.  The first one was this guy.  We put him up every fall so that our cows get bred when we choose so our calves are born when we want them; the fall.  So, we got this fellow up one nice day and within 10 minutes he found the weak spot in the fence and out he went.  Gary called me and said “the bull is in the garden!!”  Now I was at the other end of the barn lot.  What I was going to do I had no idea.  I took off running (like I was going to stop the bull!)  Not a Chance!  I got up to the field where I figured to bull ran back to and Gary was there but no bull.  ”Did you see him?” I asked Gary.  ”No” he declares.  About that time I heard this plodding behind me.  It was the bull.  Somehow we both ran past him and beat him up the hill.  As you can see we did get him where we wanted him about two weeks later.  Due to other events that was a good thing.  See the next post.  

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