Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013 Update.

Horse Camps were great this year.  The weather didn’t turn hot and dry until after August 10.  Our current exchange daughter, Luisa Steinmeier arrived August 6.  She is a terrific young woman and a wonderful asset to Gary and I and the farm.  She has taken on PSR Cassiopeia’s Glory (Cassie) as her own.  They make quite  a team.

Most immediately after her arrival we had the Show Me Morgan Horse Club’s Trail Obstacle Practice Day.  The event was on August 24th.  Gary worked incessantly on preparations and the place looked outstanding.  There were about 25 horses participating.  It was hot and horseflys aplenty.  Inspite of the hinderances a good time was had by all.

Hot, dusty, buggy but FUN.

Our next BIG EVENT was unplanned.  The cattle came down with “Pink Eye”.  This is a nasty disease that can cause an animal to go blind.  We had to inoculate the entire herd with antibiotics and vaccine.  Luisa was home and was a great help.  It was all exhausting.  The good news was that no more livestock came down with the nasty stuff.  Two days prior to the work, one of the heifers had her calf.  The calf was really small.  That was a good thing since it was the heifer’s first.  (That is the definition of heifer; a cow who has never had a calf.)  Luisa held the little thing (Chi Chi) in her arms for the injections.

Luisa and Chi Chi.









Most of the fall was spent preparing for Morgan Horse Grand Nationals and World Championships.  May Flower was at Crescent Ridge Ranch with our trainer, Jessica Weger, putting her through her paces.  Val went to ride and get her training at least once a week and sometimes more.   All of the hard worked paid off.  We had great results in Oklahoma City.  May Flower and Val won the Rookie Non-Pro class and Green Horse year 2.  They placed 3rd in the Non pro World Championships and fifth in the Freestyle.

May Flower and Val dressed up for Crocodile Rock with our award.

Jessica, Val, May Flower and Gary with most of our "loot".

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