Gary with his loads

Long time no posts.  Highlight of the fall is Val going to Morgan Horse Grand Nationals and World Championships in Oklahoma City.  Val showed May Flower in four reining classes.  It was a rough and exhilarating week.  The down side of the whole thing is that we spent a lot of money and now things are strapped.  So, Gary, in an effort to improve the cash flow spent several days cutting down large cedar trees.  He trimmed off all of the branches and cut them into four foot lengths.  You can see the trailer is loaded and they are ready to go.  Of course it doesn’t show how the trailer was broken down for 24 hours and the three trips to town to buy bolts etc. to fix the thing.  He finally had to break down and buy a new jack.  Fuel costs to travel to the processor, near Jeff City, was $38.00.  Due to his hard work, he got full value.  He made $160.00 for his 1.5 cords of Cedar logs.  He figures he made $6.00 an hour.  Lots of hard work for Gerbil Bedding!!

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